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5 Ways to Revive Your Website When Organic Traffic Drops

To understand how to revive your website's organic traffic, you must first understand what organic traffic is. It refers to the visitors that land on your website as a result of unpaid search results, meaning no paid ads led a visitor there, it was done organically through a search engine. There are several different reasons your organic traffic numbers would have decreased including;

● Changes made to your website

● Changing relevance for your content

● Google algorithm updates

● Penalties

● Redirects

If this has happened to you, don’t panic. The best thing you can do is first figure out which was the main cause of the decrease in traffic. After that, it’s time to try to revive your website’s numbers. If you don’t know how, don’t worry we have the top 5 ways you can do it.

1. Find New Keywords

Keywords are the words and/or phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. The thing about keywords is they’re everchanging with trends. For example; during election season top searches on Google change to things like, “where is my voting precinct?” Although these keywords are most likely different from your website, you can use this strategy of staying on top of trends to update your keywords. Re-evaluating your keyword lists constantly is a good move for any website while also incorporating SEO-optimized content to update any current copy with new keywords. To find new keywords you can use Google or Übersuggest. It also may be in your best interest to refine any current targeted keyword list you have and see the lower-ranking phrases you can start to target. Keywords are so important because it’s the link of a potential consumer and your website. According to Worldometer, the number of searches on Google a day is over 7 billion. That goes to show just how important keywords can be when someone is using a search engine.

2. Add More External Link Content

Another way to drive back up your organic searches is through external link content, a very underrated strategy that really does help. Basically, external links are another website linking to you or you linking to another website. If you build up your presence on other sites, it can boost your own site’s ranking. Try reaching out to similar websites or blogs and see if they will link to you and vice versa.

3. Make Sure Your Website is HTTPS, Not HTTP

If your website is an HTTP, that could mean it’s unsecured leading to a major drop in traffic. You may have noticed this before, you went to a website and a full-page notification popped up, attempting to stop you from entering the site, and even if you ignore the message, visitors will see on their browser that the site is not secure. That’s what happens when using HTTP. HTTPS encrypts and transfers user data safely. To change your website to HTTPS, you’ll need a developer.

4. Follow Social Trends

Don’t be afraid of the power of social media, if anything embrace it and use it! According to We Are Social, worldwide there are 3.8 billion social media users in January 2020. That makes social media a major marketing tool, but only if it’s used the right way. It’s important not to use social media to bring in customers with promotions. You should focus on content that captures your audience’s attention that will lead them to learn about the brand. With the explosion of social apps like TikTok or the growing popularity within podcasts, think about how your brand would benefit from joining this trend and use it to grow organic traffic to your website.

5. Create Meaningful Content

Our last and most important piece of advice to drive your organic traffic on your website back up is to just create meaningful content. There are too many instances where websites are full of nonsense and an overload of information leading to a rapid decline of website traffic. The most important thing you can do is create content that matters to your brand and its visitors. Show a visitor how your product helps, what it can do, and its quality, all through videos, blogs, testimonials, social media, etc. If you struggle with creating content to this scope, try reaching out to a service like Iris Writing International that can guide you through the marketing process with new and improved SEO strategies to boost your numbers and organic searches back up.

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