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Welcome, Aspiring Writer

After hundreds of requests, we decided to put together the Ultimate Writers' Course. We know it is hard to get started, so we strive to make it as easy as possible. During the course, you will learn all the essential information you need to launch your writing career.

  • Have you always wanted to write and never knew where to start?

  • Are you ready to look for writing gigs, and you need to increase your credibility?

  • Are you a writer and need to update your know-how on trends and tools?

  • Are you looking for ways to supplement your income by writing on your own time?​

The course includes a total of 9 Tiers and 8 Tests. Upon successfully completing the course, you will receive your Digital Writers' Certificate and your Digital Badge, which you can display on your portfolio. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Academy. Register below to access the course.

Member Writers: About Us
Why Choose the Iris Academy

Iris Writing International is a well-established international Content Agency working with over 40 writers to deliver premium content for clients worldwide.


After working with our writers for the past six years, we understand how to train writers to produce quality professional content. In an effort to open the path of writing to any and all aspiring writers, we are introducing the Iris Academy.


Iris Academy will deliver step-by-step top-tier training to guide its subscribers in completing the course and opening up the possibilities of a writing career to those who wish to pursue it further.

Once our members graduate from the Iris Academy they have an opportunity to write and publish content on our Iris Academy Blog.  By doing so, they start building their portfolio which allows them to demonstrate published work while applying for paid writing opportunities. 


How Do I Entroll?

You can have full access to the Iris Academy by following these steps:


  • Click on Iris Academy on the main menu OR create an account by clicking the white button on the top left side

  • Receive a confirmation email and confirm your sign up

  • Login to your account again from

  • Access your account from the drop-down menu

  • Click on Subscriptions

  • Purchase the membership

If you need assistance simply click 'Let's Chat' and one of our representatives will be there to assists you. 

Once you complete the transaction, you will have full access to all nine tiers of the 'The Ultimate Online Writers' Course by Iris Academy.' From this point on, as long as you are logged in, you can simply click Iris Academy on the top menu and access the academy material. 

Who Can Join?

The Iris Academy is designed for anyone seeking to start a writing career or understand today's content industry's writing basics.


The Ultimate Online Writers' Course is for you if you are considering:


  • A Freelancing career as a full or part-time writer

  • A traditional position in an agency

  • Developing your own blog

  • Novice writers who are looking to learn the fundamentals of writing

  • Experienced writers looking to stay up-to-date with content trends and tools

  • Writing as an extra gig to supplement your income

  • Writing but you never knew where to start


We have all heard too many times that people want to write but do not know where to start.


Here, at Iris Academy, we put together the road map for aspiring writers.

How Much Does the Membership Cost?

To find out details about the pricing click here

Does the Course Completion Come with a Certificate?

Yes, upon completing the course, you will receive:


  1. A personalized Digital Certificate indicating that you have successfully completed the course, which you can opt to add to your portfolio.

  2. A Digital Badge you can display on your online website/blog/portfolio, adding credibility to your services.

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