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The Iris Policy


Iris Marketing Solutions provides custom written content for businesses and individuals, marketing agencies, and other online providers upon request. We guarantee the quality of our deliverables through the use of several online certified methods. Iris Writing International uses professional plagiarism checking program to verify that content is original and our editors use the AP Stylebook, the Chicago Manual of Style, and/or your house stylesheet to ensure that final content deliveries are polished.


When you hire us, we view our relationship as one between a contractor and a client, not as a business partnership or joint venture. Our writing team acts as our independent contractors and they have no employee relationship with us or with you. The Iris team reserves the right to assign the work to our contracted writing team as we see fit.


Iris Marketing Solutions requires upfront payment in full for any commissioned project, writing, strategy or other related services, including interviews, consultations, and assessment sessions. For any larger projects that require content auditing, content interviews, and strategy meetings, as well as content plans, we usually require a down payment worth at least 25% of the overall project value, payable upfront. Also for large projects, of usually over or equal the amount of $1500, you may be eligible for a discount, at the team’s discretion. Discovery interviews with any of our team, administrative, sales, or content creation, are usually payable at our usual $100/hour rate. We accept transfers via PayPal or direct credit card. Our contracted team members are under no obligation to start work on your project before full payment has been made via our official payment channels.

Iris Marketing Solutions works hard to achieve customer satisfaction on each project and that is why refunds are not typically available. Once work has officially started on a project, we can provide partial refunds, based on a prior understanding with you, the client. No refunds are available once the work has been completed. However, if our team fails to deliver upon the requirements, even after the rounds of free revisions we offer, Iris partners can consider partially refunding a project.

 For Ongoing Clients

Ongoing clients usually get invoiced at the end of a discussed interval. Failure to pay invoices for work delivered and used by the client can trigger the following:

- Additional fees added for late payments. These can range from 5% of the total invoice value- per every day an invoice is late to 30% of the entire invoice value for delayed invoice payments of 30 days or more.


To guarantee satisfaction for the final product, we provide unlimited revisions during the first seven days after the content delivery date. Revision requests will be honored if they are left within the document with specific instructions and contextual notes. After the seven-day revision period has ended, we can provide additional edits and revisions for an additional charge. Any revision of the work that is not within the parameters dictated by our policy can be rejected or charged extra, after the case.


Iris Marketing Solutions staff will email you, our client, your finished digital content product, or occasionally upload it to your own WordPress-powered website or blog. We feel comfortable creating a post or page in WordPress, but you’ll need to hire a WordPress administrator for other work on your site. If your site’s WordPress installation or plugins need a lot of updating, we might ask you to update them before we create posts or pages on your site. Iris does not have a subscription to a digital image service. If you require stock images for your content, we can source them for you for a nominal fee. Once you pay for the image, we can upload it to your site, if you wish. If you choose to use found images from the internet, you are responsible for securing the image’s rights and for any copyright issues that may arise from the image’s use.


The final content product delivered by Iris team writers is the client’s sole property after it has been paid for and approved. We might ask you for permission to use our work in our portfolio that we show interested clients, but it is only with your permission and it will never be on a publicly- accessed website or available to search engines.


We reserve the right to refuse service to any client for any reason. If you ask us to perform a task that makes us uncomfortable, we’ll let you know it is not a job for us.


We draft our original content to meet our client’s needs and guidelines. We strive to make our content as accurate as possible, but we make no claims or promises about the fact. As our client, it is your responsibility to act as a final fact-checker and verify that the information in our content suits your industry needs and is accurate.


Sometimes you, our client, might give us proprietary information. Let us know if you consider a document you give to us a trade secret. Our contracted writers sign a nondisclosure agreement, and we take care of your information. You trust us, so we look after your documents with the same level of care we give our own proprietary information. We subscribe to Google for Work and use their online, cloud-based applications, and storage. Access to our internal and client files is permission-based, so only those we, Iris Writing International, authorize have view-only access to your information.


For further information about Google for Work and its security, visit

If you, our client, email us proprietary information, we’ll delete those documents from our files when we send your content order or finish work on your invoice. If you are a repeat client, let us know if we should store your proprietary information on our cloud servers. If you don’t let us know that a document is a trade secret or proprietary information, we’ll still handle it with care, but we may or may not remove it from our files.


In connection with this service agreement, aside from any settlements or insurance policies, and following the laws of the State of Kentucky, we (you, the client, and we, Iris Marketing Solutions) indemnify and hold harmless one another. We both agree (you, our client, and we, Iris Marketing Solutions) to hold one another harmless for claims, losses, expenses and damages, punitive damages, reasonable and unreasonable legal fees or costs of any kind or amount and anything else that might arise from an error or act of omission from either party (you or us), our directors, members, partners, shareholders, contractors, employees, stockholders, affiliates, officers, heirs, successors and assignees. Even after we’ve performed the work, you’ve accepted it and this service agreement is finished, this indemnification clause remains in effect.


Iris Marketing Solutions values you and your business and will work hard to ensure your satisfaction with our final delivery. If, for any reason, we fail to reach an agreement on any possible issues, we would recommend mediation rather than court action. Our LLC is registered in the State of Kentucky, so legal jurisdiction is in Kentucky. If mediation fails and within a reasonable time period, the disagreement can be arbitrated according to the laws in this state. The arbitrator’s judgment and awards are final and judgment may be entered upon it by any court having jurisdiction within the State of Kentucky. Both you, our client, and we, Iris Marketing Solutions, agree that the performance under this service agreement, and all suits and special proceedings under this service agreement, fall under Kentucky law, to the exclusion of the laws anywhere else or in any other forum. No matter where an action or special proceeding might be instituted, the laws of the State of Kentucky govern this service agreement, so any legal matters will be handled in this state. Any notices, demands, or other written communications should be sent to Iris Marketing Solutions, 55 Burton Spur, Eubank, KY 42567.


If some of the provisions in this agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement still remains in effect, valid and enforceable. The invalid parts will be severed from this agreement.


This agreement will ensure, or remain in effect, even if you, the client, or we, Iris Marketing Solutions, have a change in management.


If either of us, you, the client, or us, Iris Marketing Solutions, forgives a breach, default, delay or omission according to this contract, that doesn’t mean that further breaches are acceptable. In other words, just because we make accommodations for one another, those waivers don’t void this service agreement. It still remains in effect.


When you pay the invoice, you, our client, agree to the above terms. You enter this agreement with us, Iris Marketing Solutions.

On our end, Iris Marketing Solutions will deliver quality, original content to your specifications and timeline. Our agreement lasts from the time you accept and pay for your invoice until seven days after we deliver your content or services (delivery date). That’s generally nine or ten days, total, but it could be longer for ongoing writing agreements. Need to talk? We love emails. Send one to  and you’ll get a quick response.

The Iris Policy: About Us
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