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2022 Predictions: What Story Do You Want Your Content To Tell?

When creating your brand’s content, the storytelling method is key to getting those sales.

Everyone loves a good story. Stories have a way of captivating your audience and conveying a sense of relatability. And in business, the art of conversion and relating your product or service to your target market.

As we approach the new year, it’s time to think of the story you want your content to tell about your brand and how to craft it to your advantage.

Why Your Brand Needs Storytelling

Storytelling is impactful for your sales. When you create content that speaks to people instead of them, you can’t expect any meaningful results. There are also scientific findings that a good story has a psychological effect on the readers.

This marketing tactic also helps you stand out from the crowd and be original compared to your competitors. While you’re observing your competitors to see what their content creation is like and how they are successful with it, you should use your findings to establish a way to create yours that is different from the rest.

Your customers will appreciate the vulnerability storytelling brings to your brand, which will result in your readers connecting to your service. If you’re looking for sales, connection is the way to go.

What Makes A Good Brand Story?

So, what makes a good brand story? Think of your brand and why it exists. Who are you, and what do you do? How do you help people? From there, you have your starting points.

A good brand story is meaningful and impactful. You should take your answers from above and build a narrative that is personal and emotional for the target market you attract. People are driven by emotion. A good brand story uses emotional content to stir feelings in consumers to invest in you and solve their problems.

Authenticity is another key in creating a good brand story. Think of your favorite author, then compare them to another author you’ve read. You will notice that they have unique writing styles which work for their genres and success of sales.

When you begin to write your own brand’s content, it should be authentic to the point where people know it’s your voice communicating with them. Being transparent with your customers builds trust that your readers will appreciate and, in turn, be rewarding for your brand.

How To Tell Your Brand’s Story

To be able to tell your brand story, you have to know your brand like the back of your hand. To do that, you should know the core principles of your brand so that you can see your brand’s goals.

Then it’s your job to articulate your brand’s message in the way you believe it should be delivered. When you understand your target market and create a buyer persona, you will get a better understanding of what your consumers respond to.

For instance, if your target market is a younger audience, you’ll likely craft content with a trendy personality to invoke relatability. If your service is meant for an older generation, emotional content will probably work best.

Once you narrow down your brand’s concept, target market, and delivery, it’s time to decide on a format that will reach your consumers best. Do you want to write blogs and articles, eBooks, make videos?

There are different areas of content creation to use to tell your brand’s story. You could start with a promotional video or Facebook advertisement that links your customer’s to your site where your blogs are waiting.

As long as you know your brand's story, delivery is found in studying your target market.

Not Good At Storytelling? Content Writers Are!

Not everyone in business has the time or skills to write. That’s okay. Content writers exist for that very purpose!

Your brand can’t afford not to hire a content writer or someone who knows storytelling structures. Instead of you stressing about creating content and neglecting other areas of your business, content writers help save you time by doing the writing work themselves.

Plus, they know how to incorporate SEO into their writing to rank you high on search engines while still writing your brand’s story in a way that connects with your readers.

Iris Writing International has excellent writing services that can fit any brand and voice. If you’re ready to tell your brand’s story beautifully this upcoming year, get a head start by finding your writer today.

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