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What Five Industries Need to Up Their Content Game

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

It's no secret that content marketing can be a vital tool for organizations looking to reach their target audience and generate additional business opportunities. This is especially true in the business-to-business (B2B) market.

B2B organizations typically have a more complex sales process, which means they are well-positioned to benefit from content that streamlines and strengthens sales dialogues with prospects. Apart from that, B2B marketplaces are often flooded with competition, forcing businesses to discover ways to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Furthermore, consumers are engaging in more self-education than ever before, which means that B2B organizations that do not invest in content marketing miss out on opportunities to reach prospects before they even contact a salesperson.

The past few years have seen a transformation in all industries throughout the world, highlighting even more potential for B2B businesses to use content to achieve their content marketing aims and goals. Listed below are five industries that we believe are particularly well-positioned to reap the benefits of content marketing in 2022:

Companies in Professional Services

The professional services industry has a lower barrier to entry than other industries compared to other businesses. There is less government red tape, reduced startup expenses, and fewer hurdles when employing team members.

What's the drawback?

Because of the lower barrier to entry, there may be a great deal of competition. As a result, how can professional services companies cut through the clutter and establish themselves as industry leaders? A content marketing approach that is thorough.

Successful content strategies should be multifaceted and include earned media to gain third-party credibility, on-site blog content that can be linked to earned media and help companies increase their SEO visibility, gated content that can assist companies in generating leads, and other elements.

Learn how to create a content marketing plan by reaching out to us.

Companies in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is highly competitive globally, with new players joining the fray every day. To compete, real estate companies need to invest in various marketing strategies, including content marketing. Through content marketing, real estate companies create and share high-quality content with their target audience to build a relationship and capture their trust. This helps real estate companies develop their brand and provides a platform to promote their services and generate new business.

As a result of the pandemic, there have been some changes in the real estate market, both commercial and residential. A good example is that multifamily homes are in high demand, with rents returning to historic highs. On the other hand, store closures and an increase in vacancies have been observed in the retail property space (except for grocery and home improvement stores). In addition, the office sector is experiencing an increase in vacancies due to the widespread use of remote work during the pandemic period.

After years of upheaval and uncertainty, we believe there is a significant potential for those working in the real estate market to further their education to assist businesses and individuals in navigating this shifting landscape and making the smartest, most impactful decisions possible.

Companies in the Cybersecurity Industry

The cybersecurity industry is growing rapidly, and a lot of that is due to the increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity companies need to market their services to protect their customers, so they often turn to content marketing services to help them build a brand and increase their reach. Content marketing services can help cybersecurity companies develop their message, find their audience, and share their expertise with the world. It's a way to build trust with customers and grow your business.

Cybersecurity is an emerging global concern that impacts every aspect of our lives. It is the area of our lives that can be most devastating and most threatening. However, the rise of the Internet and the ability to communicate has made cybercrime one of the most common forms of crime. Therefore, it is imperative that the public and all stakeholders in society understand what cybercrime is and the threats it poses to the world.

The cybersecurity industry is beginning to use content marketing to educate the public on the subtleties of cybersecurity and supply businesses with tools on how to properly establish rules that allow employees to work from home in a safe environment.

Companies in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is one of the most significant and vital sectors of the economy. It provides jobs, creates products and services, and supplies the materials and machines that keep our economy running. Without manufacturing, our economy would collapse. As such, manufacturing is one of the most critical sectors of the economy, and companies in the industry need content marketing services to help them keep up with the competition.

Operations efficiency is being reduced due to supply chain instability and labor constraints. This year's issues bring a slew of unknowns regarding how the sector will develop throughout the year.

With so much uncertainty, manufacturing businesses have an opportunity to take the lead as thought leaders, assisting their present and potential customers in understanding the difficulties and providing material to assist them in navigating them.

Companies that Depend on Events and Conferences

Content marketing offers a unique opportunity to showcase your brand and establish a meaningful connection with your target audience. However, did you know that content marketing can also help you improve your event experience for attendees, deliver a better ROI for your brand, and improve your event marketing and CX strategy?

While in-person events are indeed back, COVID-19 continues to spread, resulting in hybrid and all-virtual events becoming the new standard.

Among the industries that rely on events and trade exhibitions, the most are construction, manufacturing, entertainment, interior design, transportation, hospitality, healthcare, energy, and the food and beverage industry. As these businesses continue to adapt their marketing techniques in response to the changing nature of our planet, they should consider incorporating content marketing into their events strategy. Making this decision would allow them to reach their target audience online with helpful, engaging content — and this content could also serve as a supplement to any events these firms may decide to host this year.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing services are one of the most effective ways to grow your business today, regardless of your industry. We've all read the articles and see the numbers regarding the impact that content can have on your bottom line. To find out more contact us.

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