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How To Write Your Blogs In 2023: The Only Guide You Need To Succeed

With 2023 just around the corner, businesses are considering the best way to reach out to their customers. With the pandemic era gradually behind us, humanity is currently faced with new economic uncertainty. As the new year unfolds, businesses must find a way to connect with their clients if they want to stay afloat. Blogs are perhaps one of the most potent tools that businesses can use to achieve a closer connection with their prospects.

So, how should you write blogs in 2023? Follow these steps to create a stellar blog.

Step 1: Research Your Buyer Persona and get to Know your Audience.

The world has changed. We are not leaving the pandemic era unscathed. So the key to writing exceptional blogs is getting to know your audience.

A stellar, compelling blog starts with research.

Research your buyer personas and invest time in really getting to know them. First of all, begin with the general demographic of your clients. Who are you trying to reach out to? Who does your business cater to? Then, dig beneath the surface and find out what your audience’s pain points are. What are their dreams? Their hopes? Their deepest concerns and greatest worries? Make sure that you understand their worries and embrace their emotions and concerns so that your blogs will resonate with them.

No matter how well you write, if your content does not match the tone of voice of your audience, your blog will not hit home and will not succeed in helping you establish a meaningful connection.

Step 2: Have a Clear Goal in Mind When Writing Your Blog Post

Not all blog posts have the same intent and purpose. Now that you have invested in getting to know your audience and have revisited and re-adjusted your buyer personas, you need to decide what you want to get out of your blogs. Depending on your end goal, your style of writing, format, and even topic will change.

Do you want your blogs to increase traffic to your main business website? Do you want to inform your audience of new products? What about adding a tutorial on “how to” use your products? Or perhaps you want to include a blog on the newest industry trends to keep your buyers feeling connected. On the other hand, you may want your blogs to act as click bait to land your reader on your main website, or you may want the blog to encourage your reader to take action (sign up for a newsletter, enroll in a new course, request a free demo, fill out a questionnaire, etc.). Depending on what your goal end is, your blogs will vary.

But you should always keep in mind that no matter what your short-term goal is, your long-term goal is conversion. So, whether you want to boost traffic, increase social shares, inform of new products, diminish bounce rates, drive email sign-ups, and stand out from the crowd, the end goal is always conversion.

Step 3: Have Your Own Unique Voice

There are literally thousands of blogs out there. Why should your audience focus on yours over any other one? Well, style. This is why. You should write in your own unique voice to make sure that your blogs stand out from the crowd. In the sea of content, don’t be just a minnow. Try to be a shark instead! Write fiercely and passionately, match tone, and make sure that you hook and bait your audience, always coming back for more. Here are some tried and tested methods that will captivate your readers and will accentuate your own unique voice.

Bulletproof method #1: Use Humor

Humor can get you a long way. In fact, humor has been shown to be the top reason why people keep coming back to a blog page. We are all at the end of our tethers and looking for a brief respite from the harsh realities of our daily lives. So put a smile on your readers’ faces, and you will have them begging for more.

Bulletproof method #2: Use Storytelling

Put your readers in the center of your narrative, plunge them into action, and make them feel and experience to their core what it is that you are writing. Storytelling is crucial and is one of the most important tools you can use to hook your readers and have them come back for more.

Bulletproof method #3: Keep it short and relevant

Recite the mantra of “8 seconds” attention span. Recite it often so that it sinks in. Yes, you only have 8 seconds before your readers bounce. So, make sure that you keep your blog posts short and relevant. Get your message across in fewer sentences. Otherwise, you will have spent your energy and time creating a masterpiece that no one will read till the end.

Bulletproof method #4: Don’t forget your SEO

Remember that your ultimate goal is to convert. And in order to convert, you need to increase visibility, drive organic traffic and boost your leads. So, when everything is said and done, you must remember to optimize your content for search engines. If you want your blogs to rank high, you need to conduct a keyword search and skillfully use these keywords in your content.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to write your blogs in 2023?

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