How to Identify Content Pillars for Your Marketing

How much strategy goes into the content that you create? If you are the type that likes to keep things organized, content pillars may be the right marketing strategy for you. Instead of spending thousands of hours creating content that nobody sees, you can focus your efforts on creating useful content built around specific audience needs. Let’s break down how this strategy works.

First, What is a Content Pillar?

A content pillar has become a common phrase in the digital marketing space. Essentially, it refers to broad topics intended to match the interests of your target audience. The idea behind them is that you can structure your content pieces to appeal to your target audience, curating exclusive and in-depth resources that they will be interested in. And as these customers spend more time interacting with your content, you will begin steadily building a relationship with them in preparation for selling them later in the relationship.

Content Pillars are a great way to:

· Demonstrate your Expertise

· Build your Audience

· Highlight your Offers

One success story from an encryption key management solution provider used content pillars to boost their organic search engine traffic and in ten months they saw a 150% increase in traffic with 63% of their visitors forking over their contact information. Content pillars not only helped them reach their traffic goal, but it helped them generate qualified leads.