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How To Encourage Conversation Around Your Product And Sell More Content In The Process

People love to talk; we are social creatures, we like to chat about everything and everyone. Word of mouth is one of the most important ways to attract new customers, and stimulating conversation around your product is one of the best ways to get people to notice your brand. When you encourage discussion, you generate interest, pique their curiosity, increase traffic on your web page, and improve your brands’ visibility, selling more content along the way. But first, you must get people to start talking. How do you do that? Let us explore these bulletproof methods.

1. Rely On Social Media

According to DataReportal, 53.6% of the world’s population are active social media users. In the last year, active users have increased by 13%, adding half a billion users in 2021, totaling 4.6 billion users worldwide.

The numbers are staggering, but they also teach us a lesson. If you want to encourage conversation around your product, you must have a strong social media presence. Customers use sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to engage with brands, allowing you to initiate the conversation on your own terms. Ask people for their opinion, reach out to your customers or get them to talk about your products amongst them.

Nothing gets more viral and more quickly than a compelling social media post. So relying on social media is a sure way to encourage people to talk about your product.

2. Influence The Influencers

Ah, the beauty of Influencers. They can do all the marketing job for you and will get people talking about your product faster than any other strategically crafted marketing campaign. Nothing beats a good influencer-related gossip, and nothing will get people rushing to buy your product than seeing an influencer use it. But beware, influencers are not cheap, and they are certainly not free. So, you must influence the influencer. Perhaps give them free products, or go all Godfather on them and make them an offer they can’t refuse. Whatever you do, your ROI will be impressive; because people love to talk about other people and what they do, especially if they are influencers.

3. Generate Referrals

Reach out to your existing clientele. Find your customers and ask them to generate referrals for you. Perhaps offer them exclusive discounts on new products or a 1+1 offer for every referral they make. Even if they do not succeed in referring people back to you, chances are they have already asked a few of their close friends if they would be interested in your brand, thus encouraging conversation around your product along the way.

4. Give Back

Give back to the community and encourage conversation around your product, increasing your brand’s visibility. People will connect with your brand and will start talking about you and your products if you allow them to see your humanitarian side. Donate to a local food drive, or help build a playground in a less affluent area, or get involved in a charity event. Giving back to your community will make people talk about your product and actively seek to find out more about you and your business. This increases your sites’ organic traffic and helps you sell more content in the process. Showing your brand’s humane face will make you stand out from the competition and stay in people’s minds.

5. Foster Close Relationships

Once everything is said and done, the deal is closed, and sales finalized, brands tend to forget about their customers. Though not necessarily wrong, it is hard to encourage conversation around your product if you do not remain present. You know what they say, out of sight, out of mind. So if you want your customers to think about you next time they need a product or service similar to the one you are selling, you need to foster close relationships with them. So stay in touch either online via email newsletters or via more traditional methods such as snail mails with special offers catalogs. By fostering your relationships with your past clients, you encourage conversation and increase your chances of turning them into return clients.

6. Express Your Gratitude

People like to be appreciated. And they want to be remembered and valued. So next time your client has a birthday, send out a birthday card and express your gratitude for their brand loyalty. If you do not have their birthday information, perhaps reach out to them on their name day or Christmas. This shows that you value your customers and consider them important enough to take the time to send them a card, reminding them of your brand and encouraging conversation at the same time. It costs very little to express your gratitude, but it could help you sell more content if you remind them of your products once every year.

Final Words

Everybody talks. You cannot control that. But you can make sure that they talk about your brand and sell more content in the process. If they do not talk about you, they will talk about your competitors.

So keep your product in their conversations. Encourage your past, existing, and future buyers to talk about your brand. Make your product something people love to talk about. It is not hard to do, and the rewards you will reap are impressive in terms of traffic for your site.

Maintain a solid social media presence, influence the influencers, generate referrals, give back to your community, foster close relationships, and express your gratitude. These are relatively cost-effective ways to market your product and increase your brand’s visibility and generate more leads.

Do you have any other bulletproof methods to suggest? Please share your wisdom with us in the comments below!

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