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Writers and Designers by Birth, Experts by Choice

Iris Writing International is an all-service agency presently working with over 40 writers, journalists, editors, SEO professionals, and website designers. We have seen trends come and go and weathered the storms of digital marketing. Our team has not only survived but grown and flourished. We take pride in being experts at identifying content and design problems our clients face and creating customized plans to resolve any issues. Our goal is to provide value and establish our clients as informative leaders in their industry.

Thanks to decades of global collective experience, creating successful content and website design has become our trademark. Our entire team goes above and beyond merely writing content and creating websites– we are our clients’ consultants and friends, delivering a full-experience service.

Our team aims to be a one-stop solution for the content and website design marketing needs of companies of all sizes worldwide. We craft winning content strategies, beautiful websites,  evaluate existing content, and plan and create new content in line with the strategy devised. We can also help create social media strategies and assist with book design and publishing. With us, you’re getting all the services you need – in one place and from a single, professional, and friendly agency.

Our culture is built on a team of well-vetted writers from multiple niches. We make a strong point of hiring not only expert writers but writers who are experts in various fields. Our strong diversity allows Iris to bring to life unique, accurate, and professional content that helps every single one of our clients reach their goals. We value the power of hard work and constant learning. At the end of the day, we have one goal, and that is to make sure that our clients are better off because they choose to work with us.

Meet The Senior Team

Annie site.jpg


Chief Operations Officer

Sara site.jpg

Sara Marcum

Team Manager & Marketing Specialist


Jason Dookeran

Senior Content  and SEO Specialist


Silvia Constantin

Senior Copyeditor



Chief Business Officer


Maria Howard

Senior Marketing Advisor

1 (1).jpg

Syed Muhammad Khan

Content and SEO Specialist

Natasha New.jpg

Natasha Beckles

Senior Copyeditor

Sara Peluso.jpg

Sara Peluso

Human Resource & Outreach Manager

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